In Memory

Doug Bledsoe

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03/10/09 09:59 PM #1    

Danny Martin

Miss you Doug!

05/08/09 08:33 AM #2    

Brent Churchwell

I was frequently humbled by Doug's brilliance and friendliness. We had great times on the academic bowl team with Lynch. Miss ya man.

05/23/09 01:28 PM #3    

Will Evans

Doug and I started playing chess together at Daniel Middle School, and continued playing through his time at Ga Tech. Gifted with a photographic memory, Doug possessed the ability to glance at a sports page and then perfectly answer a quiz on any box score. His humble nature kept Doug's brilliance a secret to most people. I doubt many people know he scored a perfect 800 on one half of the SAT. He almost seemed embarrassed by the achievement in much the same way he attempted to keep under wraps the 7 Georgia State Chess Championships he shared.

I can remember the day I learned Doug was gone, and I didn't immediately think of his lost talents. Instead, my first thoughts reminded me of Doug's strong faith in Christ.

You still owe me a rematch, Doug.

06/16/09 11:09 PM #4    

Michelle Black (Hendren)

Doug and I were in the same homeroom together with Sheila Evans. I remember how wonderful he was as the lead in Bye Bye Birdie our senior year. He is greatly missed.

07/29/09 01:05 PM #5    

Angie Bethel

Doug, I still miss your good nature, your intellect, your sense of humor, and your humility. And who can forget the kiss we shared in Bye, Bye Birdie!? The world is a smaller place without you in it.

08/15/09 08:54 AM #6    

Madaline Olson

I remember really getting to know Doug when we were in Bye Bye Birdie!! He was always respectful and I was so amazed by his performance! Gone way to soon! God Bless!
Madaline Olson

08/15/09 06:29 PM #7    

Michael Mayne

My first memories of Doug came in 6th grade (team 6-3 ;^). I scored very well on the math skills test. I found out I was second best score of the class and got a loud boast and hug from Mrs. Davis. Then she announced Doug had best score, ran over and gave him a big kiss on his forehead, which left a lipstick tatoo and a beet-red-faced Doug. He was as embarassed as anyone I have ever seen. TOMATO-RED. The whole class was laughing with Doug on that one.

Doug pulled out his trusty comb from his back jeans pocket and reset his 80s hair back into a composed form following the Teacher Davis mugging. That was the day Doug and I became good friends. I lost track of him in college to some extent, though I did see him during summer and later at Georgia Tech.

I still don't know how Doug threw a wiffle-ball so hard.

09/02/09 11:08 AM #8    

Tara Waller (Parker)

These notes are all so touching. I especially appreciate Will's and take comfort that Doug surely is without pain now.

My favorite memory of Doug is from elementary school. In 5th grade, I had a huge crush on Doug and decided to call him at home one day. His mother answered, asked my name, and promptly informed me that little girls were not supposed to call little boys. It simply was not proper.

Doug was a brilliant, sensitive and wonderful soul. Much love.

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